Stonework including Stone Carving, Stone Masonry, Stone Repair

Stone Masonry

Offering traditional methods of cutting stone and use of tradition mortars, we can replace or repair stone to the original state.

Our understanding of the architectural periods ensures authentic repair and restoration.

Stone Carving

We can replace original statuary or decoration and can offer advice on the sculpture required.

Replicas can be made for replacing metal originals using modeling techniques.

Stone Repair

The environmental wear and tear and also vandalised stone require a careful response. Using our experience and knowledge of materials, we can restore masonry and statues.

The usual way of approaching a project is to access the situation and follow through with a high standard of workmanship.

Our team can do the following

  • Masonry repairs
  • Stone replacement
  • Stone carving
  • Supply and fixing of stone
  • Masonry descaling
  • Redressing
  • Lime mortar repairs
  • Lithomix repairs
  • On site in situ repairs

Examples of stonework